The Cooperators Podcast Episode 2 John McNamara on NWCDC on New Co-Ops

After 26 years at the legendary Union Cab co-op in Madison WI, John McNamara headed west to pursue a new mission: helping new co-ops come to life and also helping existing co-ops to survive.

What’s fascinating is how the Northwest Cooperative Development Center is bringing to life what might seem surprising co-ops such as mobile home owners who join together to create a co-op to buy the land their homes sit on and also home health workers, to name two areas where NWCDC has had great successes.

Along the way in this podcast McNamara throws light on a lot of what’s needed for a co-op to tick. He describes being a co-op manager as akin to Ginger Rogers’ role where she did everything Fred Astaire did – “but backward and in heels!”

It’s a fast romp of a guide to co-operative success. Listen in here

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