Your Views on Business Travel: The Amex Take


By Robert McGarvey


American Express says it knows what we are thinking about business travel.  

That’s the claim in the inaugural American Express Business Travel Survey, where YouGov surveyed 251 adults and their answers produced the results.

Do they in fact think as we do?

Surprisingly yes, often. At least when I use myself as the barometer.  Not always – in a few cases I strenuously disagreed – but in many instances we are on the same page.

What about you?

Below I provide the key Amex survey results.  Use the comments form to note your agreements or disagreement.

57% of us say business travel makes our work more interesting. Count me in. Travel broadens the mind, in pleasure and also business.

62% say the face to face time in travel spent with colleagues is a top perk. Yep. I have made and kept a number of friends initially encountered on business trips.  I have also learned a lot in informal conversations over coffee at meetings.  

77% say last minute delays are the most common setback in travel.  True. And seemingly ever more of an inescapable hassle.  

61% pointed to connectivity and tech issues as common trouble spots.  Right on. But I have to say: issues seem to occur a lot less nowadays, except when traveling to exotic foreign or rural destinations.  In Berlin my phone works exactly as it does in Bayonne. And WiFi makes connecting a laptop as easy as turning it on.  

60% said they had problems with last minute changes to business agendas and meeting locations.  Can’t say I see this often.  You?

67% said experiencing new cultures and countries is a real plus of global business travel.  Agreed.

56% said not getting enough sleep on the road is a real hassle.  Sure. That and eating poorly are the two big health drawbacks to a steady diet of travel on my experience.  

As for how we seek to combat hassles on the road, respondents pointed to three tactics:

58% say that business class travel is an important perk.  I concur, at least when I can persuade a client.

47% like access to club floors in hotels.  Personally I don’t care. When I’ve had access, I’ve found the floors to be fine. But it’s not a perk I’ll fight for.

46% like access to airport lounges.  For me, this is much, much more important than hotel club floors. I find airline clubs ever less appealing but point me to a Centurion and I am abuzz.  

86% say that being aware of local customs makes it easier to achieve objectives when traveling overseas.  Can’t disagree with this.

85% do research on a country and its business customs before traveling there.  Basic but impossible to disagree with. I will also say that simply being sincere and respectful will cut a traveler slack about moments of ignorance. Or so I have found.  

How do you stack up against the Amex findings?

Mainly I agree – aside from my lack of interest in club floors and my much higher fondness for airport lounges.

How about you?

1 thought on “Your Views on Business Travel: The Amex Take”

  1. I agree with you. If offered hotel club floors OK but no real preference. Business class strongly preferred for the comfortable seats, other aspects nice but not essential. Airport lounges strongly preferred.

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